Family, Friend and Neighbor Care


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Family, friend and neighbor providers (FFN) include grandparents, aunts and uncles, elders, older siblings, friends, neighbors, and others who help families take care of their kids on an informal basis.

Why FFN care?

Families choose FFN care for a number of reasons.
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The research shows...

When they're not with their parents, children spend more time in the care of family, friends and neighbors than in formal child care settings.
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Support for FFN providers

Family, friend and neighbor (FFN) providers don't always have all the tools and support they need or want in caring for children.
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Can I get help to pay my FFN provider?

Some families qualify for child care subsidies to help pay their FFN providers.
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If you care for a child aged birth to six years and would like free health and safety information from the Department of Health, visit the Child Profile Health Promotion website at and click on Health Promotion Materials. To request a packet of all materials, e-mail To order free brochures, pamphlets, and other materials, visit